Liverpool 2010

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Spent the weekend at Liverpool. Went up with Sam and Paul from Mantra (

Convention had a pretty nice atmosphere but was very quiet. Not many people about for walk-in work or much going on..

Stayed at an interesting hotel..  The shining/Titanic/I don’t know what…

Had a really good time just catching up with a few artists and old friends.

To name a few –




Hope & Glory

I actually manged to get a small piece in with Pedro, update with a video of that to follow.


Slam Waste Of Time Dunk

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So last weekend I got invited along to that Slam Dunk festival.
Decided to make the most of it too the first band.

Resulting in this sad state and 4 hours in hospital.

No bands for me!


Abbey Lee. Skulls. Bones. Best Tights Ever.

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Always been a huge fan/follower/lover of Abbey Lee and her work.
Some of the best photos I’ve seen featured in Korean Vogue April 10th:

Photographed by Rafael Stahelin:

Possibly the best tights I’ve ever seen. Somebody should source them and buy them ASAP.

Death with Ricketts.

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Nothing much had been happening so spent the day at Mantra Tattoo with Sam.

Had some more done on the black sleeve.
Sam’s customer went from all day to one hour… so he had some spare time to create this little gem!

From what was a few moments drawing and the theme of death and pure black; I ended up with my favourite tattoo to date.

Giving the end result –

Get tattooed!!/profile.php?id=609396365

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I was hanging out with Sam last night and he showed me some some of the best tattoos I have ever seen.

Chriss Dettmer:

Tattooing from a shop called in Hamburg Germany; “Black Hole”, go and get tattooed!

Cygnus Olor

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A good friend of mine Jordan Butler I met through tattoo conventions has a new song up!
For once some quality music that not so generic like the rest.
Here’s a video of them doing a cover –

The new song can be found on the myspace page. Its really something special!

French ‘Vogue’: Devil Worship

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Something I came across by mistake from a 2007 issue of French Vogue.

Photographed by one of my favourites – Terry Richardson..


I would kill for the above photo on a teeshirt! Wouldn’t you?